hasegawaei seichajo uji-kyoto

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A gift from tea farmers
We pride ourselves in our ability to share the trueflavor and beauty of Uji tea,
utilizing cultivationmethods that have been passed down for generations.

About us
We want to deliver the real deal.
We are a family-operated tea farm based in Uji, Kyoto
Our tea is grown and handpicked one by one with the utmost care to
deliver tea products of the highest quality. 
As tea farmers, we are able to deliver something special:
the taste of authenticity, made possible by our traditional Uji cultivation methods and tireless
commitment to producing tea products of the highest quality.

Available items

Contact us

Hasegawaei seichajo
Machinami-14 Rokujizo, Uji, Kyoto, Japan 611-0001

If you have any orders or inquiries please feel free to contact us through inquiry form.
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