Six generations of history and heritage

We are the 6th generation owners of the Hasegawa family tea business, originally founded in 1854 during the Tenpo Era. Every aspect of the tea production is conducted in-house, from the soil formation to the processing of tea leaves, with the utmost care and consistency. We ensure to respect and follow the traditional cultivation methods to produce our tencha, which is used to create the world-renowned matcha.
As farmers from the Uji area, we feel a great deal of responsibility and pride to deliver tea products of the highest quality. We strive to share the true flavor, beauty and experience of handpicked Uji tea with as many people as possible, thus creating and adhering to the concept of “A gift from tea farmers”. We have created a line of premium tea products that are created solely from tea grown and harvested at the Hasegawa tea farms.


Hasegawaei seichajyo 6th generation
Hiroaki hasegawa

Pride for producing tea of the highest grade

Our tea is grown utilizing the traditional cultivation method known as “Ooishitaen”. This process involves using lawn cloth to shade the tea leaves 1 month prior to harvesting them, blocking 97% of direct sunlight exposure. This minimizes catechin in the tea leaves, which causes bitterness, while increasing theanine, which brings the rich umami flavor of the tea, creating the unique aroma found in Uji tea.
To ensure the premium quality of our tencha tea leaves at the Hasegawa tea farms, we analyze the sunlight deprivation and growth each year to precisely determine the days in which harvesting will take place. At our farms, the tea leaves are picked only once a year, as the quality of tea leaves are difficult to maintain after the first harvest. The leaves are steamed then dried in a tencha hearth, which are now ready to be consumed as tea, or grinded to create matcha.

Our journey to share our love for Uji tea

To bring the goal of sharing our love for Uji tea into fruition, we have renovated a portion of our warehouse and opened our first store location in Rokujizo, Uji. In stock, we have all of our loose leaf teas, matcha, as well as matcha desserts and sweets created from our tea**. The store is run by the members of the Hasegawa household, and we hope to provide the most memorable and enjoyable experience to our customers with our Uji tea.

**Matcha desserts and sweets are ineligible for international shipping.

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